G12 en Shepperding

A. G12

"This movement is based on the thesis that Christ's master/disciple relationship with the twelve apostles is a pattern to be followed in making, training and leading disciples today. According to this doctrine, a true disciple of Christ will make other disciples who learn to follow Christ by following him in an authoritarian teacher/student relationship. This training includes teaching new disciples how to make other disciples, and how to train and lead them in the same way. A chain of these master/disciple relationships results in a pyramid."

The fundamental errors of such discipling:

  • that Jesus made many more than 12 disciples;
  • that the chosen Twelve were in fact apostles;
  • that a disciple is simply one who follows Christ and not one "who is trained through a subordinate relationship with another Christian."
  • that the verb "to disciple" never appears in the bible used to mean one man mentoring another.
  • that the biblical way to become a disciple is to repent, believe and be baptised into Jesus Christ, NOT to sit at the feet of any man to be taught how to "do Christianity".

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    B. Shepperding

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